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River Path Veterinary Clinic Privacy Policy


River Path Veterinary Clinic wants your informed consent. This means that we want you to understand the services we hope to provide to you, the cost involved, and what we do with personal information we obtain about you and your pet/animal. If you have a question about any procedure being performed or policy in the clinic, please ask.  By using our services, you agree to the policies outlined below. 


Payment Policy

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. We accept CASH/VISA/MASTERCARD/DEBITC/AMX. We do not offer payment plans. We make every effort to make sure all fees are fair and reasonable, and you are encouraged to discuss charges before services are rendered. The doctor/receptionist/technician will be happy to discuss estimates on all medical and surgical procedures performed. Our fees are available at any time upon request. Please note: exam and procedure fees cover more than the time you and your pet spend with the veterinarian. These fees cover your doctor’s time spent reviewing and updating your pet’s medical records and history; documenting any current problems; consultation with other professionals or reviewing research and written information when appropriate; directing support staff in the care of your pet, as well as other administration expenses. Follow-up rechecks are an extra charge when required as they require additional time and resources.  


By signing below you have read and agree to the above,


Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) requires that we receive your consent to communicate with you electronically via email, SMS or social media. We may occasionally use electronic communication to inform you of upcoming clinic events and special promotions, provide pet health reminders and medical information, for booking some kinds of appointments, and discussing ongoing care of your pet. 

We hope that you find every message you receive from us relevant to your pet and of interest to you but if you ever wish to discontinue receiving email you need to simply let us know and we will remove your email address from the system.


By signing below you have read and agree to the above, and consent to receive electronic communication from River Path Veterinary Clinic.

Privacy Policy

In order for River Path Veterinary Clinic to provide you with veterinary goods and services, we will collect some personal information about you (like owner names, telephone numbers, address, email address).

River Path Veterinary Clinic is a locally owned independent business and will not sell your personal information.  We utilize IT security systems and a secure online medical record system (Covetrus) that have a long standing reputation for security of patient data.  We may sometimes send your personal information to other veterinary clinics in the case of referring your pet for ongoing care, or upon your request to transfer records, with your permission. Pet owners have the right to request a copy of their medical record at any time. 



By signing this form, I have been notified about the River Path Veterinary Clinic’s Privacy Policy about the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, steps taken to protect the information and my right to review my personal information. I understand how the Privacy Policy applies to my information. I have been given a chance to ask any questions I have about the Privacy Policy and they have been answered to my satisfaction.

Copyright River Path Veterinary Clinic.

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